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People gifted with elemental magic.


Adepts who have invoked the bad spirits, or wraiths, and invited them into their body. The wraiths corrupt both the adept's magic and physical appearance.


Good spirits, yet some may get bored and become tricksters such as poltergeists. They can bring their host peace and tranquility. Seraphs shoot seraph fire with the help of their host.


Evil Spirit. They invade a body in ones, tens, hundreds. They bring fear and hatred to the minds they touch. Wraiths shoot wraith fire with the help of their host.


A steel wrist cuff of such magnificence that. The patterns cast into the metal are intricate, weaving above and below decorative knots and twists. Two ruby’s blaze in the light. The image of a serpent head rises from the tangled design, with the rubies in the place of eyes.


It’s a small glass orb, much like a marble, that fills with warm, glowing fire when there are spirits around.


Non-gifted people.


A seraph who has become bored and inhabits the body of another living entity (animals, trees, etc). They alter the natural characteristics of the creature, which is how dragons, phoenixes, and other mythical creatures come to being.


A sprite is a non-conscious living creature who has seraphs within them, such as a tree or rock. A sprite that is related to an element, such as water sprite, wind sprite, fire sprite, etc. were once human, and are considered "elementals."

drakon [dre ∙ con]

The necroms' version of a dragon. They're smooth as a snake, grimy green like seaweed in a lake, spit venom rather than fire, and can fly. Drakons are three-times smaller than dragons. Baby drakons and dragons are called "wyrmlings."


Other Characters

  • James Witherton - The infamous James is extremely skilled and has trained some of the best swordsmen. After a calamity between Maldra and the necrom, Witherton left Maldra for a time and trained Louie and Jake.
  • Gawain - A tree sprite; friend to Witherton. Gawain is a three-foot-tall willow tree with droopy branches and beady eyes. He likes to read.
  • Lord Tyus Dweyton - The Lord of Maldra is a strong leader. He is a just, fair man who rules his city with a fine-toothed comb. Father to Cassie and Paul of Maldra.
  • Mathew Ayers - Mathew is the arms master of Maldra. He's highly trusted by those who know him and goes out of his way to help and protect.
  • Marcus of Sprigrose - Troy and Jake's arch nemesis. Get in line, boys! Marcus is the heir of Sprigrose, the fief west of Maldra.
  • Natasha Wilford - A strong-willed woman who used to work as a bandit. After being freed from wraiths, she and her sister, Gabriella, turned over a new leaf.
  • Gabriella Wilford - An elegant, soft-spoken woman who used to work as a bandit. After her sister, Natasha, was freed from wraiths, the girls turned over a new leaf.
  • Will Tavers - A soldier from Hadlen's army. He is skilled with both a sword and magic. However, Will does not like to join with seraphs.
  • Declan Tavers - Will's cousin from Dryglen. Declan is a hunter by trade and has a knack for noticing what others do not.
  • Oliver Carter - The new arms master, in charge of defending Maldra, in book two.
  • Eldila - The water sprite of the Ha'Em. She's painfully shy with long, tendril-like hair and fins on her calves.
  • Gulliver - The fire sprite. He's a speedy creature who is often all or mostly on aflame.
  • Aurae - A wind sprite. She has a voice like an avalanche and dots on young men.
  • Eiríkr - an adept who, with the help of dozens of spirits, has lived five hundred and sixty-two years.
  • Ronwe - Mathew's war hound. Shane of Hadlen adopts the dog at the end of book one.


The smallest currency of Elabrium. Ten copors make one Seolfor.


The middle currency of Elabrium. Fifteen seolfors make one faet.


The highest currency in Elabrium.

About the names

Did you know...
The names of Elabrium's sprites and poltergeists aren't random. In fact, they're all based in historical literature or mythology.

  • Gawain - King Arthur's nephew who stars in his own actient tale, Gawain and the Green Knight.
  • Eldila - an extraterrestrial creature thought up by the famed C.S. Lewis.
  • Gulliver - the protagonist from the classic book, Gulliver Travels.
  • Aurae -  named after the wind, or breeze, nymps of Greek mythology.
  • Panamon - last name Creel, he's a character from the popular The Sword of Shannara series.
  • Ares - the Greek god of courage and war.
  • Abraxas - a chracter found in Egyptian, Persian, and Syrian beliefs who is a supreme being, even a sun god.
  • Cetus - a seamonster, or great whale, in Greek mythology.
  • Abbadon - an archangel of destruction in Hebrew lore.
  • Brego - old English for "cheif," "leader," "king," or "lord."

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- M. A. Leon

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